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Culinary stations

  • Stage Husarenquartier, Germany
    Herbert Brockel *
  • Schwarz Das Restaurant, Germany
    Manfred Schwarz *
  • Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube, Germany
    Harald Wohlfahrt ***
  • Restaurant L' Arnsbourg, France
    Jean-Georges Klein ***
  • Stiller's Restaurant and Cooking School, Hongkong
    Stefan Stiller **
  • Restaurant ABAC, Spain
    Jordi Cruz **
  • Victors Gourmetrestaurant, Germany
    Schloss Berg, Christian Bau ***
  • Restaurant Dieter Müller, International
    MS Europa
  • Restaurant OPUS V, Germany
    Tristan Brandt **
  • Managing Director engelhorn Gastro GmbH, Germany
    OPUS V, Le Corange, Faces Lounge, Dachgarten, Vinothek Coq au Vin
  • Patron epoca by Tristan Brandt, Switzerland
    Gourmet Restaurant, Waldhaus Flims *
  • Managing Director 959 Heidelberg, Germany
    Restaurant 959, Pino's Bar
  • Patron Riva by Tristan Brandt, Germany
    Gourmet Restaurant Pforzheim
  • Patron Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt, USA
    Gourmet Restaurant, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort *
  • Patron WinterVarieté by Tristan Brandt
    Dinnershow WinterVarieté Heidelberg
  • Patron epoca by Tristan Brandt, Switzerland
    Gourmet Restaurant, Sonnenberg Zurich


Tristan Brandt discovered his passion for cooking very early on. At first he watched his mother enthusiastically and was allowed to help from time to time. At the age of 12 he already cooked a 3-course-menu for her birthday. And at the latest after his first practical training in a kitchen his way was marked out.

The following timeline documents his professional career from Tristan Brandt's own perspective.

Land & Golfhotel Stromberg

Traineeship with Michael Stortz

August 2001 to July 2004

Michael Stortz is largely responsible the path I took in my life. After an excellent apprenticeship he immediately brought me to star gastronomy and in 2004 he introduced me to Manfred Schwarz in Heidelberg. Even today, I am very grateful for this and I am still in close contact with him.

Schwarz Das Restaurant

Entry into star gastronomy

August 2004 to December 2005

My first station in the star gastronomy was with Manfred Schwarz in Schwarz Das Restaurant in Heidelberg. Working in star gastronomy directly after my training was something very special for me, of course. After one and a half years in which I was challenged but also encouraged, I asked him where my trip could go and he recommended me to the 3 star chef Harald Wohlfahrt in the Black Forest to change.

Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube

3 star gastronomy with Harald Wohlfahrt

October 2006 to September 2008

I got Harald Wohlfahrt´s trust from the beginning and was responsible for the cooking of the meat. It was a real challenge to use a cooking point needle to determine the cooking levels that the guests had ordered and to prepare the meat perfectly. After two years I felt the desire to gain experience abroad. Harald Wohlfahrt recommended me the restaurant L' Arnsbourg with 3 star chef Jean-Georges Klein in Baerenthal in Alsace.

Restaurant L' Arnsbourg

First international experience in a 3 star restaurant

October 2008 to January 2010

Being able to speak German abroad was the ideal way for me to get closer to French cuisine. Jean-Georges Klein in the 3-star L'Arnsbourg restaurant in Alsace put me in charge of the fish post, for which I had the sole responsibility just two weeks after the start. A new challenge for me: to get along with three French chefs under my command as head of the post. ;)

Stiller's Restaurant and Cooking school

Chinese cuisine and culture

February to June 2010

Via the social network Xing I received an inquiry from Stefan Stiller from Shanghai, who now has 2 stars. No, that´s no joke and so I had the opportunity to get to know a metropolis in the Far East. Although I only worked in Stiller's Restaurant as a sous chef for half a year, living and working in the Far East was an extraordinary experience for me. I was particularly impressed by the variety of products the markets had to offer and the Chinese way of working.

Victors Gourmetrestaurant

Sous chef at the restaurant of 3 star chef Christian Bau

July 2010 to August 2012

To receive a request as sous chef from a successful 3 star chef with 25 years of experience was a great thing for me. Reason enough to move from Shanghai to the Saarland. After more than 2 years of positive experience in "Victors Gourmetrestaurant" as deputy chef it was time to finish my years of training with an apprenticeship as a master chef.

Hotelfachschule Heidelberg

Master chef in three months

September to December 2012

My time in Heidelberg was very learning intensive. To gain the maximum knowledge in a short time was a big challenge, which I had not experienced since my school days. What can I say: it worked. After three months I was a master chef.

Restaurant Dieter Müller, MS Europa

Culinary journey around the world by cruise boat

January 2013 to July 2013

As a cook you always have the dream to work on a ship. And when Dieter Müller as a 3 star chef asks to represent him on the MS Europa, you don't think twice and seize the opportunity to work at the highest level and explore the world.

Restaurant OPUS V

engelhorn Mode im Quadrat

August 2013 until June 2020

After eight years in the 3 star gastronomy Harald Wohlfahrt recommended me to the managing director Richard Engelhorn, engelhorn - Mode im Quadrat from Mannheim, who offered me to design the restaurant of the future, according to my personal ideas and wishes. We were inspired by the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, which was named the best restaurant in the world for three consecutive years. We opened the OPUS V on 22 November 2013. Just one year after the opening, in November 2014, we received the first Michelin star and 16 points in the Gault Millau. Two years later we received the second star and 18 points in the Gault Millau.

959 Heidelberg

Restaurant 959 & Pino's Bar

July 2020 until November 2022

Tristan Brandt has been Managing Director of the Restaurant 959 Heidelberg and Pino´s Bar from July 2020 until November 2022.

epoca by Tristan Brandt

Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort, Switzerland

December 2020 until September 2023

Since December 2020, Tristan Brandt has functioned as patron and namesake for the gourmet restaurant of the 5-star superior Hotel Waldhaus Flims in Switzerland epoca by Tristan Brandt. Since October 2022, epoca has been awarded with one Michelin star and 17 points Gault&Millau.

Riva by Tristan Brandt

Gourmet Restaurant Pforzheim

October 2020 until now

Since October 2022, Tristan Brandt has been the patron and namesake of the gourmet restaurant Riva by Tristan Brandt in Pforzheim.

Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, USA

December 2022 until now

On December 2, 2022, Tristan Brandt and the Carillon Miami Wellness Restort launched the new fine dining concept "Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt". Since May 2023, the restaurant has been awarded with one Michelin star.

epoca by Tristan Brandt

Sonnenberg Zurich, Switzerland

November 2023 until now

Since November 2023, Tristan Brandt is patron and namesake for the gourmet restaurant epoca by Tristan Brandt in the gastronomy concept Sonnenberg in Zurich, Switzerland.